Designers seek technical difficulties
and sophisticated forms in order to make it
into an actual product.

From home use to halls, educational facilities, restaurants, hotels, etc.
We have been manufacturing a wide range of furniture,
and are especially good at the molded plywood technology.

Furniture is a robust work of art that will last.

In our neighborhood,
beech trees used to grow abundantly in the mountains.
In 1955, we established a materials factory here in Hokkaido.
In 1973, we purchased a press machine
and began making molded plywood furniture.
Following our beliefs, our craftsmen have used their wisdom
and sweat to create a centennial company in Hokkaido.

One of the largest molded plywood factories in southern Hokkaido.

Wood is molded and pressed in a mold,
but no two pieces are the same.
Each piece of wood has its own individual characteristics and habits,
and we work carefully to recognize them.
After processing, the wood is fixed in a special mold,
and we work with the utmost care so that
the wood does not get out of control.

Cutting 3D shapes with 5-axis controlled NC machining.

Pressed, formed plywood with curved surfaces is placed
on a special cutting jig that fits the curved surface.
The 5-axis-controlled NC processing machine allows us
to express high machining accuracy and beauty of the cut surface,
even for complex, 3D products.
The same shape can be cut out
by cutting precisely according to the program.

Careful work done by hand.

Cut materials are rough to the touch as they are,
no matter how sophisticated the machine is.
We insist on polishing by human hands down to the smallest detail
because our customers will be in close and direct contact with them.
Skilled staffs polish the rough and fine surfaces of our products.
We manufacture every day with our customers in mind.

Painted beauty by meticulous technique.

Polishing and painting are two sides of the same coin.
If either one does not mesh well with the other,
a better product cannot be produced.
In our four-line paint shop,
we perform the entire process in-house, from primer to finish coating.
Our craftsmen repeatedly adjust the subtletints of the paint
to achieve the desired finish.

Upholstery fabrics are used to give expression to the product.

Scouting for top craftsmen and
establishing a new fabric upholstery division in September 2023.
In addition to the conventional chair production,
we are now able to produce sofas, beds, and other products
in our own integrated production system.
We will create more wonderful products
that combine beauty and durability
We will continue to produce more beautiful and durable products.